Now you can take the vitiligo treatment from the comfort of your home.

Introducing the most advanced phototherapy home units and commercial booths

The Operative control will be personally managed by MVRC to ensure optimal treatment under supervision and attain the best results.

Millions of people all over the world suffer from Vitiligo. For centuries it was considered untreatable.This disorder puts a huge impact on the patient’s daily lives including the psychological ones.Modern medicine has definitive and assured answers to this problem. We have achieved fantastic results with phototherapy in our set up without the use of steroids and other molecules with side effects.

Phototherapy is an effective and proven method of treatment. Our phototherapy lamps have been developed and tested for safety in close cooperation with renowned authorities.

Home Units With Expert Supervision – Concept Behind The Idea

Our home phototherapy booths have been conceptualised and curated by Dr Sanjay Dubey, Director Maharshi Vitiligo Research Centre – the expert dealing in Vitiligo with decades of experience.

Though we have our presence in ten and more cities but being centre based treatments,it is a tough job to procure treatment on a regular basis travelling from far off places.

In the current COVID scenario, it is even more advisable to take treatment from home and maintain the regularity of the therapy.

Also some patients who stay far away from the centres can not even make it because of distance and time limitation. To ease the agony of these patients and to avail them the best treatments they deserve, we have designed our home units.

Operative Control And Doses Are Managed By MVRC Team

These are technically upgraded units with highly sophisticated dose regulators imported from USA. They have been customised to meet the needs of patients and at the same time ensure the safety parameters.

The Operative control will be personally managed and supervised by MVRC to ensure optimal treatment.

It’s a Breakthrough for Patients Travelling Hundreds of Kilometres for Phototherapy Especially in Covid times.

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