What can I expect from the treatment?

Treatment mainly based on phototherapy, an modern and highly accurate way to procure an ancient concept of vitiligo treatment, Atharwaved has mentioned treatment with Psoralea corilyfolia (Bawachi) nearly 1800 bc. Patient has to contemplate minimum 2 times ( in case from distant places once per week) per week.

In general we found three category of patient sought for treatment, a) patient with active disease (new white patches are coming, and koebner ie any injury produces vitiligo patch). B) static or stable disease C) regressive disease. All cases has to take full body phototherapy to make treatment comprehensive, since skin is an organ hence whole organ has to be treated. 90% cases start producing pigmentation (melanin) within 2.5 months to 3 months.

Our approach is to bring maximum pigmentation by stimulating melanocyte, in few cases where few patches are stubborn we have facility of other hitech treatment like Hand feet units, targeted photo therapy (Livia or Lumera), 308 Excimer Laser Ra pharos USA, etc.

Even tough if some white patch doesn’t improve we opt for surgery, we provide 3 variety of surgery, a) split thickness grafting b) erbium yag laser assisted micro mini punch grafting a surgery in blood less field 3) non cultured melanocyte transplant a most hi-tech and preferable where big area could be cover easily. We mostly treat all kind of vitiligo patients, but after finishing all the patches patient has to wait and follow the instruction given by doctor, which will reduce chance of recurrence drastically

We would like to emphasize that past treatment taken for this disease or other disease if oral steroid were taken then in our research study is disease fluctuates during photo therapy, but at the end can be covered. Oral steroids should not be use for any kind of vitiligo. Apart from these above therapies most important is psychological support, support by doctor, expert staff and patients who are most important link between you and centre, if we all make a team which includes you, other patient, staff, your family member and doctor with immense experience and confidence we will certainly make vitiligo very petty, and certainly we can conquer this problem of social distress.