A Happy ending story 

Again a super success story – Case of Maharshi Vitiligo Centre, Mumbai
October 5, 2016
Vitiligo on Palm – Result after Melanocyte Transplantation at Maharshi Vitiligo Centre, Mumbai
June 11, 2017
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A Happy ending story 

An Interesting case of Segmental Vitiligo.This patient was from remote village of rural India, he got himself cordoned and secluded from society, in a single room for almost 4 years, just because of stigma of vitiligo in society, (specially on point of view of marriage).

I started treating him using full body phototherapy NBUVB and UVA combination, after treating him for 6 months i was insisted by him and his relatives to finish it as early as possible then I decided to go for Noncultured Melanocyte transplant which ended up only 10% success, as a results lot of psychological distress and disturbance for him and his family.

Then after I decided to continue his vitiligo treatment free of cost I continued Phototherapy for 6 more months and then I decided to repeat melanocyte transplant again ( free of charge).

After 1 month by grace of God i achieved what I wanted, at the end of story we all are very happy.

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