Optimization of UV-treatment: We are focused on constantly optimizing the treatment regimen for light treatment of generalized vitiligo, to maximize the benefits and minimize the side effects for our patients. Recently we brought in a new device for targeted UVB-treatment, whereby only the actual white spots are treated with an intense focused light at the optimal wavelength and the surrounding, normally pigmented, skin is spared.

Evaluation of clinical trials of an immunomodulating drug in the treatment of generalized vitiligo.

Expression microarray to compare the level of specific melanocyte mRNAs from vitiligo donors with mRNAs purified from normal control individuals and melanomas.

Development of cultivation systems for adult human melanocytes (pigment cells) in defined conditions that has revolutionized the possibilities in vitiligo research and treatment.

Extensive research and developmental work at Uppsala University, Sweden and Yale University, USA, has previously been put into development of cell culture methods and surgical methods for restoring the lack of pigmentation in diseases such as vitiligo and piebaldism. Today, these methods are considered to be the Gold Standard in the area of surgical intervention.